Assam Youth Makes AI Generated Art Depicting Ghosts from Assamese Folklore, Creates Sensation on Social Media

Published: March 20,2023 02:58 PM

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Assam youth named Chinmoy Barma created sensation on social media by making digital Al Generated art depicting ghosts and demons from Assamese Folklore

March 20, 2023: Assam youth named Chinmoy Barma created a sensation on social media by making digitally Al Generated art depicting ghosts and demons from Assamese Folklore.

Chinmoy Barma hailing from Nagaon is a Film Director, Engineer, and Artist. He directed short movies like Ghorapak, Tezor Tukura, Jokhini.

Some of the Digital Al Generated art that he created are:


Bordoisila is known as the goddess of storm in the Assamese mythology. It is sort of wild storm lashed with heavy wind which caused severe damages in the areas. According to the Assamese tradition, it is believed that Bordoisila is a beautiful married woman who goes to her mother’s home to celebrate Bihu.


According to Assamese folklore, Jokhini is a ghost who gets naked and climbs up to a tree during rainy season. It is believed that a woman becomes jokhini if she does with her unfulfilled desires. It is also believed that Jokhini visits pregnant lady to steal the child.


Burha Dangoriya is an old or elderly holy spirit who rides on a horse and guards the places of worship, according to Assamese Mythology.



According to Assamese Folklore, Bamboo ghosts bend down a bamboo on the people’s way. It is believed that, if someone tries to cross or jump over the bamboo, the ghost snaps back the bamboo.


Ghorapaak is believed to be a ghost who is half horse and half human. According to Assamese Folklore, people lost their lives if the ghost looks back.


Puwali Bhoot is a group of tiny ghosts. It is believed that they steal food from the Kitchen.


Bira is a poltergeist. It is a type of spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed.