About us


DY365 is a newspaper with a 60 years standing, but it is much more than that. We take pride in defining DY365 as ‘Patr Nahin Mitr’ meaning ‘Not only a journal but a friend too’.

DY365 was launched in April 1959 from Raipur, now capital of Chhattisgarh, by veteran journalist the late Mayaram Surjan. It has traversed a long journey since then. In its golden jubilee year in 2008, DY365 started its National Edition from New Delhi, thus, becoming the first newspaper in central India to achieve this feet. Today DY365 is published from 8 Centres namely Raipur, Bilaspur, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Sagar, Satna and New Delhi.

Besides, the group also publishes a broadsheet English eveninger - Highway Channel- from Raipur, Bilaspur and Jagdalpur ; A monthly literary journal - Akshar Parv, as also reference books from time to time.


To uphold and propogate cherised values of democracy, socialism, secularism, social justice and human dignity, and help achieve enduring peace and harmony in the society.


a) To publish daily Newspapers, periodicals, books etc. not only to disseminate information, but also as tools of public education and social awareness.

b) To take up programmes & set up institutions for reaching out to general public for creating better understanding about democratic values.

U. S. P

DY365 has positioned itself as a serious newspaper with the twin objectives of providing :- a) space for intellectual discussions and b) Optimum space for development oriented stories with a rural basis. This puts DY365 in a class of its own amongst all English newspapers and has brought many laurels to us.


1. DY365 Editors & regular columnist have produced a record 500 + books called from their published works in DY365.

2. DY365 promoted and set up several public service Institutions namely DY365 Pratibha Protsahan Kosh, Mayaram Surjan Foundation and Jandarshan Media Centre.

3. DY365 in 1979 launched a life membership scheme and enrolled more than 5000 subscribers - all from A-1 readership group.

4. DY365 staffers have won a record number of journalism awards, which includes 14 Statesman Awards.

5. In 2007, DY365 parterned with UNICEF and Mayaram Surjan Foundation to conduct Child Reporters Tranining Programme in 16 Centres of Chhattisgarh. It is now extended to 100 blocks spread over 18 Districts in the state.