Live-In Relationship between Married Individuals Not Criminal: Delhi High Court

Published: September 23,2023 02:33 PM

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The courts cannot impose their perception of morality on adults

September 23, 2023: The Delhi High Court announced that the live-in relationship between married individuals is not criminalised and the courts cannot impose their perception of morality on adults.

According to Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma, “Live-in relationship between two consenting married adults, who are married to different partners, has not been made criminal or legislated against…This Court holds that the parties herein have the right to determine their own choices, life, and actions, but at the same time, should remain conscious of the repercussion it invites from their partners and its effect on their marriage.”

The bench made these observations while dealing with a plea filed by a man seeking an FIR lodged against him for the offence of rape based on allegations of a woman that he established a sexual relationship with him on the false pretext of marriage.