US: Covid cases cross 5 million

Published: August 9,2020 10:04 PM

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Aug 9, 2020: US topped 5 million cases of Coronavirus on Sunday.

Aug 9, 2020: US topped 5 million cases of Coronavirus on Sunday. The first case of COVID-19 in the US was reported 198 days ago on 22.01.2020. It now leads the world both in terms of Coronavirus cases and deaths estimated at over 161,300. With one of every 66 residents testing positive, no other country has reported as many cases. Brazil ranks second, with almost 3 million, and India is third with 2 million. (In cases per capita, the U.S. ranks eighth.)

Brazil also became the second country to record 100,000 deaths from COVID-19. Overall, there have been 19.4 million cases confirmed globally and almost 721,800 people have died from virus-related complications. The number of new coronavirus cases daily peaked at 75,697on July 16 and has been slowly tapering off since then, to a seven-day average of around 54,000 per day.

The seven-day average daily death toll is hovering around 1,000. That is down from a peak of more than 2,200 on a single day in mid-April, when bigger cities such as New York and Seattle were hit the hardest. (The most deadly single day was April 15, with 2,752.)

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