Journalists killed in Afghanistan, Taliban Continues to Torture

Published: September 16,2021 01:15 PM

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By Manjur Ali
Taliban continues to violate the basic human right of media personal harassed, tortured and killed

September 16, 2021:  Taliban continues to violate the basic human rights of media personnel as they are being harassed and killed.

 Journalists are scared, feeling hopeless as the spirit of journalism the built in the past two decades is ceasing to exist now, reported.

There has been a change in the content being show on private TV channel, critical news bulletins, political debates, entertainment and music show, foreign dramas are replaced with programmers tailored to the Taliban Government. Things have changed dramatically since the Taliban began its military advances after the US announced the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan.

According to some reports, Dawa khan Menapal, the director of Afghanistan’s government information media center in Kabul was killed in the first week of August. Two days later, journalist Toofan Omar of Paktia Ghag Radio was murdered by the Taliban fighters.

Soon after Kabul fell Taliban fighters began looking for journalist, many were tortured while some killed.