Woman Dies after Being Dragged Under Car In Delhi's Kanjhawala

Published: January 2,2023 01:54 PM

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Five people have been arrested in the Kanjhawala incident in Delhi where a 20-year-old woman was killed after her scooty was allegedly hit by a car and she was dragged for a few kilometres on Sunday

January 2, 2023: Five people have been arrested in the Kanjhawala incident in Delhi where a 20-year-old woman was killed after her scooty was allegedly hit by a car and she was dragged for a few kilometres on Sunday, informed Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer District) Harendra K Singh on Monday. "As per our investigation, it was a fatal accident. All five persons who were present in the car have been arrested. They will be produced before the court today. The postmortem of the deceased woman will be conducted through a board of doctors," DCP told ANI.

Meanwhile, the deceased's mother told ANI, "I had a conversation with her at around 9 pm, and she said she will return by 3-4 am. She used to work as an event planner for weddings. In the morning, I got a call from the police and was informed about the accident. I was taken to the police station and was made to wait." "When my brother arrived at Police Station, he was told about the death of my daughter. My brother told me about it," said the mother of the deceased.

"My daughter was the only earning member in our family. She was wearing so many clothes but not a single piece of cloth was there on her dead body, what kind of accident was it," she stated. Earlier, an eyewitness of the Kanjhawala incident narrated the horrific ordeal.

Deepak Dahiya runs a confectionery shop on Kanjhawala Road in Ladpur village. He said that the accused kept dragging the girl's body which got entangled under their vehicle for 18 to 20 kilometres and lasted for about one and a half hours. "It was 3:20 am...I was standing outside the shop when I heard a loud noise from a vehicle about 100 meters away. Earlier I thought it was a tire burst. As soon as the car moved, I saw a body being dragged. I informed the police immediately," Dahiya had told ANI.

After some time, he said around 3:30 am, the car took a u-turn and the dead body of the woman was still stuck under the vehicle. Dahiya said the accused drove repeatedly on the road of about 4-5 kilometres by taking u-turns. "I tried to stop them many times but they did not stop the vehicle. For about one and a half hours they carried the girl's body for about 20 km,' he had said.

Dahiya said he also chased the car with his bike and was in contact with the police. After about one and a half hours, the body fell from the car near Jyoti village on Kanjhawala Road, after which the accused fled, he had added. "It could not be just an accident," Dahiya further stressed.


A 20-year-old girl was killed after she was hit by a car and then dragged for a few kilometres on the road, being entangled in the wheels, the police informed on Sunday. The police said that the condition of the girl after the incident was so bad, that after being dragged on, her clothes and even the back side of her body got ripped off.

Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal also took cognisance of the matter and issued notice to the Delhi police. "The naked body of a girl was found in Delhi's Kanjhawala, it is being told that some boys in an inebriated state hit her scooty with a car and dragged her for several kilometres. This matter is very dangerous, I am issuing an appearance summons to Delhi Police. The whole truth should come out," she had said in a tweet.

Speaking to ANI, she also alleged that the five men in the vehicle were drunk. "A very disturbing incident has come out. A girl was hit by a car and then dragged on the road. The car was driven by five people who were badly drunk. I have summoned Delhi Police to ask how will justice be provided to the girl. Secondly, I want to ask, despite the girl being dragged for kilometres, no check post was able to catch anything. No one stopped those drunk people. This is a very scary and shocking incident," she had stated.

A PCR call was received at Kanjhwala police station on early Sunday morning that a car was noticed with a body being dragged along with it. Another PCR call was received at 4:11 am, about the body of the girl lying on the road. After that, the police alerted the officers deployed at pickets and a search operation for the vehicle was launched.

The body of the girl was sent to the SGM hospital, Mangolpuri, where she was declared brought dead. The body was kept further at the mortuary of the hospital. Meanwhile, the suspected car was also traced down and the five occupants were apprehended from their houses.