Run Challenge: Ankur Das Cover 72 Km (Jorabat to Shillong), Promotes Methods of Natural Bodybuilding

Published: September 28,2023 02:10 PM

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Ankur’s passion for fitness was ignited by his father’s challenge

September 28, 2023: Ankur Das, a Guwahati-based fitness trainer, covered 72 Km by running from Jorabat to Shillong on September 26 to promote natural bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle.

Ankur Das said, “I wish to promote the natural methods of bodybuilding such as a balanced diet of nutritious whole foods, regular exercise and adequate rest.”

He also added, “In a world where steroids are often misused without proper understanding of their side effects, my emphasis is the importance of choosing the natural path. I believe the general public should be educated about the benefits of naturally maintaining overall fitness.”

Ankur’s passion for fitness was ignited by his father’s challenge. “My upbringing, devoid of knowledge about steroids, inspired me to advocate for sculpting the body through natural means. My journey is all about promoting fitness, dedication and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle”, he said.

Check out Ankur Das’s Personal records mentioned below:

1.            Run

Khanapara-Nongpoh run - 48 km approx.

Sculpt squad to Khetri via Dighalipukhuri - Ulubari - Khanapara – 53 km

2.            Pull-up

1st attempt – 1219 reps in 5 hours

2nd attempt – 1143 reps in 3 hours

3.            Push-up

380 push-ups in 10 mins

4.            Burpees

590 burpees in one hour

5.            Plank hold – 3 hours (including sides)