Assam-Mizoram Border Dispute Shifting from the Borders to Social Media? Mizo Student Leader Issues Threat to Assam CM

Published: July 29,2021 06:58 PM

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Though the border seems to be quiet on the third day today, the hostility between the people of Mizoram and Assam seems to be far from over

July 29, 2021: The Assam-Mizoram border dispute is fast turning into a full-fledged war on social media and seems to be taking an ugly turn with student leaders and youths getting into a war of words. The anger and the hostility from the borders seems to have spilled over to Twitter.

After the direct threat by K Vanlalvena, Rajya Sabha MP from Mizoram that if Assam Police went back to the inter-state border they will all get killed, Mizo Students Union President J Lalmuanzuala has written an open letter to Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma accusing him of initiating “violence against civilians in Mizoram” and has warned the CM that the Mizos, with a history of insurgency, would not shy away if pushed.

“Do not make a mistake of taking the Mizos for granted. If you do not want peace under the umbrella of the Indian Union, know that Mizoram has had a history of insurgency and taking arms in the past. We shall not shy away from you if you push us,” Lalmuanzuala’s open letter now widely circulated on social media read.

And here is what the Assam CM wrote in response.

The letter has put Twitter on fire with youngsters and twitterati in general reacting sharply to the Mizo Student leader threatening a Chief Minister and suggesting that they would not refrain from  picking up arms.

There have also been reports of Mizo influencers trying to further provoke by creating hastags like #ShameonAssam and #Himantaistheproblem and asking K Pop’s fan groups to like and popularise it.

Yesterday #ShameOnAssam was trending on Twitter.

Since the violence broke out on Monday, several videos and hate speech has been circulating in the WhatsApp groups and the social media.