Poem ‘Xoixobor Gham’ by Guwahati JCP Partha Mahanta Released on ‘World Day Against Child Labour 2022’

Published: June 12,2022 11:15 PM

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Poem ‘Xoixobor Gham’ by Guwahati JCP Partha Mahanta Released on ‘World Day Against Child Labour 2022’

12 june,2022: On ‘World Day Against Child Labour, 2022’, Commissionerate of Police, Guwahati in collaboration with UTSAH Child Rights Organisation, released “Xoixobor Gham”(A Weary Childhood), a poignant poem written by Sh. Partha Sarathi Mahanta, IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police, Guwahati. 

The poem was launched by Sh. Harmeet Singh, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Guwahati.

Through this poem, the poet attempts to portray the pains of a child, who is subject to abuse and exploitation, while being exploited as a child labourer. The poem has been recited Jiya Bhargav, Ritumallika Goswami, Karan Kashyap and Gunjan Geet Parasor – all of whom are students of Assam Jatiya Vidyalaya, Noonmati - under the guidance of their Principal Ghanashyam Medhi and Teacher Juthika Patowary. The film has been videographed and edited by filmmaker Akash Das. 

‘World Day Against Child Labour’ is celebrated every year to reinforce our collective commitment towards ending child labour across the world, and to protect the survival, development and protection rights of all children. 

At times, due to economic and social reasons a lot of children are compelled to work in formal and informal economic vocations. From April 2019 to March 2022, over 300 cases of Child Labour have been reported to CHILDLINE Guwahati itself. This is just a tip of the ice-berg as hundreds of child labour cases, especially children employed as domestic help, are not even reported.

Child Labour is a cognizable offence and the Police are empowered to intervene and act against those who employ children. Under Section 14 of the Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986; anyone who employs child or adolescent labourers are liable to imprisonment which may extend to two years and fine  up to ₹50,000/-.

Children who work as labour lose out on their fundamental right to education, which affects their futures. Additionally, children who are employed as child labour face various forms of abuse and exploitation like low wages, overtime work, beatings, insults, inadequate nutritious food and even sexual violence. 

During the launch, Commissioner of Police, Guwahati, Sh. Harmeet Singh, while sending out a strong message said: “We work with empathy towards the victims and look at ensuring their future well being, but is should be very clear to anyone who employs children as labour that they cannot escape the law. 
While asking all commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, cinema halls not to make the mistake of employing children, Sh. Singh also requested them to keep a strict vigil and inform the Police if they come across cases of Child Labour inside their establishments, especially when such children are being made to accompany their employers into such establishments. He appealed to conscious citizens to call up and inform 1098 Childline Services for rescue of Child Labourers” 


The poet, Sh. Partha Sarathi Mahanta during the launch said: “Through this poem, I wanted to narrate the suffering of a child who is trapped in an abusive child labour situation. Since UTSAH has been in the forefront of child protection work in Assam, the collaboration between Guwahati Police and UTSAH on this initiative would bring about the desired impact of spreading the message to many people across Assam and also other parts of the country as well.”

Miguel Das, Founder of UTSAH Child Rights Organisation said: “We have partnered with the Assam Police and Unicef on the Assam Police Sishu Mitra Programme. One of our joint objectives is to prosecute employers who are exploiting children in child labour situations and to assist in the rehabilitation of rescued child labourers”