Justin Trudeau Became Canada PM for historic third time

Published: September 21,2021 01:51 PM

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By Manjur Ali
Justin Trudeau is poised for a third term as Canada's Prime Minister reported Canadian broadcasters who projected a win for his Liberal party in Monday's election result

September 21, 2021: Justin Trudeau, who was in power from 2015, has now won three general elections in less than six years.

According to report many voters are still in line casting ballots, perhaps for several more hours, it is unclear whether Trudeau's Liberal party would regain a majority in parliament.

Trudeau's party currently commands 37.5 per cent of supports, followed by the Tories with 34.0 per cent and the New Democrats (NDP) at 16.2 per cent. All 338 of Canada's House of Commons seats are up for grabs with the winner of the election declared based on a contentious first - past -post system, where candidates with the highest number of votes win without any further runoff ballots. 

At least 170 seats are needed to form a majority government, although most projections currently point to a minority government .The Liberal party leader Trudeau had called for snap election last month in the middle of the Covide-19 pandemic assuming that his handling of the pandemic would help his government win a Majority.

A small fierce majority of voters were also opposed to some COVID-19 protocols, especially vaccine and mask mandates and earlier this month a protester threw gravel at Trudeau at a campaign event in Ontario.