Flood Fury in China: 12 Dead, Lakh Relocated, World’s Largest iPhone Factory under Threat

Published: July 21,2021 01:26 PM

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Heavy torrential rains why have left hundreds trapped in subways and train carriages. Rescue operations are underway

July 21, 2021: Heavy torrential rains wreaked havoc in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou in the central province of Henan. Twelve people are reported dead and over one lakh have been relocated even as hundreds remain trapped in trains and subways across the city.

Inbound flights have been cancelled. Rescue workers and authorities are working round the clock to prevent dam breaches, restore lost power, assess collapsed roads and pump out submerged gas stations, Chinese media reported.

Fears of iPhone’s largest assembly plant in the world getting hit by the floods has been allayed by manufacturer Foxconn that is based in Zhengzhou.

Authorities said it rained more in an hour on Tuesday than it normally would in an average month.

Nerve-shredding images have emerged on social media showing passengers struggling to stay afloat as flood water entered subways and flooded train carriages. Rescue operations are underway.