Israel suspects terrorist attack, to send investigators to probe blast

Published: January 30,2021 12:07 PM

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January 30, 2021: Israel will send a team to participate in an investigation into the blast outside its embassy in New Delhi on Friday.

January 30, 2021: Israel will send a team to participate in an investigation into the blast outside its embassy in New Delhi on Friday, Sputnik reported citing sources.

Sources told Sputnik that the decision was made after India's National Security Advisor Ajit Doval spoke to his Israeli counterpart Meir Ben-Shabbat while updating the situation and the ongoing investigation into the minor explosion.

Israel's defence establishments have suspected Iran's IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) behind the attack, according to the sources. Prior to the attack, a Tel Aviv directive was issued for increased vigilance at its embassies around the world due to fears of an Iranian attack.

Suspecting that Friday's blast outside the Israeli Embassy could be a terror attack, Israeli ambassador to India, Ron Malka, on Saturday, asserted that there is full cooperation between New Delhi and Tel Aviv to investigate the explosion.

"The investigation is ongoing, gathering all evidence from the scene. There is full collaboration between Indian and Israeli authorities. As of now, our strong assumption is that it is a terror attack that targeted the Israeli Embassy. Fortunately, nobody was hurt," Ron Malka, the Israeli Envoy, told ANI

"All options are there on the table. Yesterday when this terror attack was conducted, we celebrated the 29th anniversary of the full establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and India, exactly yesterday. So, it may not be a coincidence but all options are being investigated," he added.

A low-intensity explosion took place near the Israel Embassy on Friday. No injuries have been reported in the incident so far. Windscreens of several cars parked in the vicinity of the Embassy on Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Road were found damaged.

Investigators, who wished not to be named, said explosive residue recovered from the spot is suspected to be ammonium nitrate, Sputnik reported

"A detailed forensic report will confirm what type of IED was used. Splinters and some cans were also found near the cars that were damaged in the blast," officials in New Delhi told Sputnik.

Investigators have recovered an envelope with text written on it related to Israel Embassy officials from the blast site, according to sources.

"The envelope has a text related to an Israel embassy official. It is a case for investigating officers to see whether or not it has any link with the case. But, it has been recovered from the blast site," a senior government official told ANI.