"New India needs a history that....," Assam CM tweets amid row over Tipu Sultan

Published: May 7,2023 02:48 PM

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New India needs a history that..": Himanta Biswa tweets amid Tipu Sultan row.

7 may, 2023: Denouncing 18th-century Muslim ruler Tipu Sultan, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday said it was time that a "New India" rewrote its history, recognising the sacrifices made by "our" heroes to protect their land and Dharma.

 Taking to his personal Twitter handle, the Assam CM posted, "If we were to even examine the argument that Tipu Sultan is a freedom fighter solely because he fought against the British to defend his own kingdom, what about the 80,000 Kodavas who bravely sacrificed their lives for their homeland and to safeguard our culture and Dharma ?"

Himanta Biswa added in his tweet, "Enough of history written by the Left. New India needs a history that recognizes the sacrifices made by our heroes to protect their land and dharma." Addressing a press conference in Mangaluru later on Sunday, Sarma lashed out at the Congress over its manifesto for the upcoming Assembly elections in Karnataka, calling it a "self-goal".

"The manifesto bears a true reflection of what the Congress represents. It is against the majority community. From the document, it is clear that the Congress is hateful of the Hindus and their only motivation is to stand against the majority community," Sarma said.

"The Congress has nothing but hate for the culture and Dharma (religious practices) of the majority community," the Assam CM alleged further. On Saturday, the Assam CM lashed out at the Congress while headlining an election campaign in poll-bound Karnataka.

He dubbed senior Congress leaders Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar as "family members" of Tipu Sultan. "Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar are family members of Tipu Sultan," Sarma said at an election rally at Virajpet Assembly constituency in Kodagu district on Saturday.

"My state, Assam, was attacked by the Mughals 17 times but they couldn't defeat us. We remain undefeated. Today I bow to this holy land as the people of Kodagu defeated Tipu Sultan's plans to lord over them on a number of occasions," he added. The BJP leader said if former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah intends to celebrate the Tipu Sultan Jayanti, he should do so in Pakistan.

"As many as 80,000 people sacrificed their lives in battles against Tipu Sultan. And today, Siddaramaiah is saying that they will celebrate Tipu Sultan Jayanti. If you want to celebrate Tipu Sultan Jayanti, go and do so in Pakistan or Bangladesh. You don't have any right to do it in India," he added on Saturday.

The debate around Tipu Sultan between the ruling BJP and the Congress has taken centre-stage yet again ahead of the May 10 Assembly polls. The counting of votes for the Karnataka Assembly would take place on May 13.