Locals Of Meghalaya Live In Misery While One Man Becomes Crorepati

Published: May 26,2022 08:32 AM

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Locals of Meghalaya deprived. Lakhpati becomes crorepati in months in Meghalaya

May 26, 2022: Locals of Meghalaya deprived. Lakhpati becomes crorepati in months in Meghalaya. Magic lamp is in the hands of an outsider and He is Balwant Soni alias Bhama.

Feels like the man, Balwant Soni alias Bhama has found the Aladdin’s chirag or Aladin’s lamp. From a few lakhs of rupees in 2016 to a crorepat. From just 3 lakh rupees to over 100 crores  in just 3 years, this man’s fortune changed in few months. Here is proof of how the revenue just jumped over 400 times.


In 2016-17 the revenue stood at just Rs 3,53,000. In 2017-18 it rose to Rs 158,41,3272, in

2018-19 it went up to Rs 239,33,4940 and in 2019-2020 it shot to Rs 417,09,0800.


Jai Maa Coal Pvt Ltd, a firm based in Guwahati is being used by Balwant Soni as the front. The director of the firm is Bhama’s son Yodhistra Bhama and the CA of the company is none other but Bhama’s wife. The firm has been forging the bills and undervaluing the tax invoices and transporting coal from Meghalaya to Bangladesh through Gasuapara Custom Station through the Bhagmara area.  It is alleged that Bhama’s family has close ties with James Sangma, brother of Conrad Sangma.

Bhama has a huge property in Guwahati. Bhama is also known to own a fleet of SUVs and luxury cars too. He is not a native of Meghalaya but a resident of Guwahati. But when it comes to illegal coal transportation from Meghalaya, Bhama seems to be ruling the roost. It will not be wrong to say that Balwant Soni has the entire illegal coal transportation business of Meghalaya in his pocket.

Few months back Balwant Soni was arrested by Assam Police on the basis of an FIR filed by the Assam tax department regarding pilferage of Rs 40 crore.

Despite being behind bars, Bhama continued as the kingpin of illegal transportation of Meghalaya coal.

There is no fresh mining of coal in Meghalaya so where is all these coal coming from? Bhama’s transhipments of coal continue to cross the borders violating FEMA and FERA. Money laundering has been another part of the entire illegal coal trade that this person has been doing for some time now.

Why no action has been taken? Whose hand is behind Balwant Soni? The dynamic, forward looking Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma seems unaware of the illegal activities. Letters have been written to the Chief Secretary of Meghalaya citing details about what Jai Maa Coal Pvt ltd is doing, how it is flouting norms, how it is illegally transporting coal to Bangladesh from South Garo hills.


But the questions remain -

•             Why is the Mining and Geology department of Meghalaya mum?

•             How long will the people of Meghalaya continue to be deprived?

•             What is the secret behind his Rs 100 crore turnover in just 3 years?