Positive attitude, psychological support help in recovery from COVID-19: Experts

Published: May 16,2021 01:31 PM

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It is the loneliness & stress that damage the prospect of early recovery in COVID patients in hospitals & home isolation. So psychological support & a positive spirit will give better recovery results

May 16, 2021: More than the health complications, it is the loneliness and stress that damage the prospect of early recovery in COVID patients in hospitals and home isolation, and for this reason, psychological support and a positive spirit will give better recovery results, believe mental health experts and doctors.

Rahul Kumar Mishra, a surgeon by profession who was infected with COVID and is now recovering from post-Covid problems, said that during treatment people get irritated by the continuous beeping of medical devices.

“When somebody is losing life in your ward, it feels like life has ended. Suicidal tendencies come to mind and if this will continue, the death rate will increase. There should be some means to divert the attention of patients on what is happening around them in the hospital ward. The government should allow video calls from the families. Or family members should be allowed to meet patients following the protocols with PPE kits. Mental health expert should visit the ward and do some counselling. Religious songs in the ward may also bring positive energy,” Mishra said.

Deepak Kumar, a resident of Dwarka in Delhi had a tough time after all the seven members of his family got infected with COVID. Things improved gradually and now after defeating the coronavirus, all are doing well now and have tested negative.

“Despite the high fever, tiredness, lack of oxygen level in the body, we tried to become positive and now we are back to normal life after defeating coronavirus. A positive spirit is the most important thing,” Kumar told ANI.

Mental health expert Dr Rajiv Mehta, Psychiatry Department, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi believes psychological problems are there in this kind of cases as there are fears and worries, apprehension of loss of job, finances, and relationship. Besides, the hospital environment where everyone is in PPE kit, instrument and monitors around and their sound increase anxiety and depression.

“Family support is the most important thing. Video calls with patients can be a good thing. Family members who are speaking with the patient must give good news. Tell the patient how much he is missed, how other persons are connected to him…Everything will be fine. Speak at least 2 to 3 times a day,” Dr Mehta told ANI.

“Doctors should also listen to the patients and give adequate time. They should share knowledge about how things will improve. Psychological support will give better recovery result in COVID cases. It will break assumptions. Spiritual things play an important role. If a patient has a phone, watch spiritual things on YouTube. Do not watch negative content. Positivity is the most important part besides medicine and hospitalisation in the treatment regime of COVID-19,” said Dr Mehta. (ANI)