Moran Students’ Union is contributing to strengthen bond of unity among all: CM

Published: November 1,2020 03:45 PM

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November 1, 2020: Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that All Moran Students’ Union is playing a great role in forging unity.

November 1, 2020: Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that All Moran Students’ Union is playing a great role in forging unity not only among the people belonging to Moran community, but also in strengthening unity among all sections of the people belonging to Barak, Brahmaputra, Hills and plains.

Speaking at the 21st central biennial conference of All Moran Students Union at BodousaSamannayKshetra at Muliabari in Digboi on Saturday, Chief Minister Sonowal said that the role of All Moran Students Union in enriching the people belonging to Moran community culturally, socially, intellectually is really appreciable. He, at the same time conceded that the BJP led State government for the last four and a half years has been getting all sorts of support from all organisations of the Moran community. He, therefore, thanked all the organisations on the occasion. Sonowal also said that the present State government has been in power receiving cooperation from all sections of the people of the state. Therefore, the government, immediately after coming to power organised ‘Sahador’to exchange friendship and goodwill among all communities and ethnicities. In that particular programme, the government elicited the aims and objectives of different communities and accordingly set an agenda for the government to function.

Sonowal said that the government in a bid to restore self-respect of the indigenous people allotted land pattas to more than one lakh land less people. Similarly, to show respect to the great men the government has started celebrating the birthdays of different stalwarts of ethnic communities and according them state honour. State government apart from celebrating Raghab Moran’s birthday has instituted an award after the name and memory of Raghab Moran.

The Chief Minister also said that the government besides safeguarding rights of the indigenous people over land has also taken steps for promoting indigenous languages and their literature, and therefore launched ‘Asom Darshan’ and provided financial assistance to satra, namghars, devalays etc. 

Similarly, the Government launched “Bhasa Gaurav” scheme and provided one-time financial assistance to the Corpus Funds of Asom Sahitya Sabha, Bodo Sahitya Sabha and 20 indigenous Sahitya Sabhas. Moran community has embedded with the knighthood of several great personalities. Sonowal, therefore, called upon the younger generation to study the works and contributions of those great men and take inspiration from them. He at the same urged upon all to concentrate on the efforts to empower the Moran community in all possible means. Chief Minister Sonowal moreover expressed confidence that All Moran Students’ Union would contribute to lend strength to the greater Assamese society.