Ahead of Assembly polls, Manmohan Singh appeals to people of Assam in video message

Published: March 27,2021 07:26 AM

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Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a video message ahead of the first round of voting in the Assam Assembly polls urged people of the state to vote for a government that upholds the Constitution

March 27, 2021: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a video message ahead of the first round of voting in the Assam Assembly polls urged people of the state to vote for a government that upholds the Constitution and the principles of democracy. In a video message released on Friday, Singh, a former member of the Rajya Sabha from Assam said "For many years, Assam has been my second home."

"It was my privilege to represent Assam in the Rajya Sabha, for 28 years from 1991 to 2019. I am deeply grateful for the trust and affection of the people of Assam and for the friendship of Late Sri Hiteswar Saikia and Late Sri Tarun Gogoi. The people of Assam enabled me to serve our country as Finance Minister of India for five years and as Prime Minister of India for 10 years," Singh said. Congress was ousted from power in the state in the year 2016 by the BJP, which dislodged the party that ruled it for 15 years.

Manmohan Singh said in his message: "Today, I am speaking as one of you. Once again, the time has come, for you to cast your ballot in the Vidhan Sabha Election, you must vote wisely." The people of Assam have endured terrible sufferings through a long period of insurgency and unrest, said the former PM and it was under the leadership, of Tarun Gogoi from 2001 to 2016 that Assam made a new beginning towards peace and development.

"However, it is now facing very serious setbacks. Society is being divided on the basis of religion, culture and language. The basic Rights of the common man, are being denied, there is an atmosphere of tension and fear. Ill-conceived 'Note-Bandi' and badly implemented GST have weakened the economy, “Singh said. Manmohan Singh then highlighted the misery faced by the lakhs of people who have been rendered unemployed and lost their basic livelihood.

He iterated that the youth are desperately searching for decent jobs. The former Prime Minister firmly asserted that the misery faced by the people due to rising prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas is unparalleled under the BJP regime. In an evocative statement, Singh stated, "You must vote for a Government that upholds the Constitution of India and the principles of democracy. You must vote for a Government that will care for every citizen, of every community. You must vote for a Government that will ensure inclusive growth. You must vote for the Government that will put Assam on the path of peace and development, once again."

The veteran Congress leader reiterated the ethos of the Assam Congress, speaking about how the Party is committed to protect the unique language, culture and history of Assam, along with, ensuring the well-being of all communities. Dr. Manmohan Singh firmly affirmed that the Assam Congress has prepared a 'Jan Manifesto' with assurances which are practical. He then called attention to, the '5 Guarantees' by the Congress Party, which are also an integral part of the Manifesto and a clear indication of the determination of the Party, to lead the State into a path of prosperity.

Elucidating the five promises in the Congress manifesto, Singh said: "One, If elected to power, the Assam Congress, will not implement, the Citizenship Amendment Act and will also do its utmost to repeal the CAA. Two, five Lakh unemployed youth will be provided jobs, in the Public Sector and 25 Lakh unemployed youth will, be provided jobs in the Private Sector. Three, the daily wages of tea-plantation workers, will be increased to Rs. 365; these workers will also receive other social security benefits. Four, every household will receive 200 units of free electricity. Five, under the 'Grahini Samman Scheme', every housewife, will receive an allowance of Rs.2000 per month." "Brothers and Sisters, your future and the future of your children, is in your hands," he said urging people to vote for the Congress Party and the 'Mahajot'

Senior Leaders of the Congress Party also took to social media to share the message of the former Prime Minister. (ANI)