Local youths restore water supply in Arunachal village in 3 days

Published: August 23,2020 12:56 PM

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August 23, 2020: Local youths of an Arunachal village restore water supply within 3 days with help of elephants.

August 23, 2020: Arunachal Pradesh has again received a very high rainfall in the current monsoon season. Many of the drinking water supply installations dependent on the surface sources have faced the fury of natural calamities in terms of flash flood, cloud bursts, landslides and erosions. The Ledum multi village water supply project feeding potable drinking water to Bilat circle, Oyan-Sille Circle and Ruksin headquarter covering 19 villages with population of 21,287 under East Siang District was one of the projects damaged badly due to sudden cloud burst at its catchment area.

Arunachal Pradesh is highly dependent on Assam and states beyond for skilled and unskilled work force. With the Covid-19 pandemic related lockdowns and safety protocols in place, the availability of work force are constrained. Going by the gravity of the damages, it would have taken weeks to restore the water supply system, but the motivated youth of Bilat circle, about 70 of them, came forward to help the Public Health Engineering Department in restoration works.

The Department while providing the skilled manpower, materials, etc. had to use the services of elephants also in retrieving the DI pipes that were scattered and buried under the silt or debris along the river bed. The result of participation of the people in the restoration effort saw that the resumption of drinking water supply to the entire villages was ensured in 3 days.