India's Covid toll tops 150,000, active cases down 78% from peak

Published: January 6,2021 02:43 PM

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January 6, 2021: India on Wednesday reported a net reduction of 3,490 to bring its count of active coronavirus cases down to 227,546, the lowest since July 3 and 78 per cent lower than the September 1

January 6, 2021: India on Wednesday reported a net reduction of 3,490 to bring its count of active coronavirus cases down to 227,546, the lowest since July 3 and 78 per cent lower than the September 18 peak of 1,017,754.

With a continuous trend of daily reductions, India’s share of global active coronavirus cases is down at 0.99 per cent (one in 101). The country added 18,088 cases to take its total caseload to 10,374,932. And, with 264 new fatalities, its Covid-19 death toll topped the 150,000 mark, at 150,114, or 1.45 per cent of total confirmed infections.

The count of recovered coronavirus cases across India now stands at 9,997,272 – or 96.36 per cent of total caseload – with 21,314 new cured cases being reported on Wednesday.

With a daily increase of 18,088 in total cases, India’s tally of coronavirus cases has risen 10,356,844 on Tuesday to 10,374,932 – an increase of 0.2%. Death toll has reached 150,114, with 264 fatalities in a day. Now the tenth-most-affected country by active cases, third by fatality, and second by total and recovered cases, India has added 130,080 cases in the past 7 days.

India now accounts for 0.99% of all active cases globally (one in every 101 active cases), and 7.98% of all deaths (one in every 13 deaths).

Backwards from here, the last 1 million cases for India have come in 39 days.

The count of active cases across India has seen a net decline of 3,490, compared with 12,917 on Monday. Five states that have reported the highest increase in active cases are Kerala (669), Maharashtra (268), Andhra Pradesh (95), Puducherry (16), and Meghalaya (10).

With 21,314 new daily recoveries, India’s recovery rate has improved to 96.36%; the fatality rate remains unchanged at 1.45%.

The Indian states and UTs with the worst case fatality rates at present are Punjab (3.22%), Maharashtra (2.55%), and Gujarat (2.17%). The rate in as many as 13 is higher than the national average.

India’s new daily closed cases stand at 21,578 — 264 deaths and 29,091 recoveries. The share of deaths in total closed cases stands at 1.22%.

India’s 5-day moving average of daily rate of addition to total cases stands at 0.2%.

India’s doubling time for total cases stands at 397.2 days, and for deaths at 393.8 days.

Overall, five states with the biggest 24-hour jump in total cases are Kerala (5615), Maharashtra (3160), Chhattisgarh (1021), Tamil Nadu (820), Karnataka (815).

Among states with more than 25,000 cases, the five with worst recovery rates at present are Kerala (91.44%), Uttarakhand (94.30%), Gujarat (94.71%), Maharashtra (94.87%), and Punjab (95.00%).

India on Tuesday conducted 931,408 coronavirus tests, taking the total count of tests conducted so far in the country to 177,463,405. The test positivity rate recorded was 1.9%.

Five states with the highest test positivity rate (TPR) – percentage of tested people turning out to be positive for Covid-19 infection (by cumulative data for tests and cases) – are Maharashtra (14.93%), Goa (12.64%), Chandigarh (10.74%), Nagaland (9.86%), and Kerala (9.61%).

Five states with the highest TPR by daily numbers for tests and cases added – are Kerala (9.16%), Sikkim (6.27%), Chandigarh (5.71%), Maharashtra (5.53%), and Goa (3.96%).

Among states and UTs with more than 10 million population, five that have carried out the highest number of tests (per million population) are Delhi (454557), J&K (300708), Kerala (232339), Andhra Pradesh (230825), and Karnataka (222717).

The five most affected states by total cases are Maharashtra (1950171), Karnataka (923353), Andhra Pradesh (883587), Tamil Nadu (822370), and Kerala (784488).

Maharashtra, the most affected state overall, has reported 3,160 new cases to take its tally to 1950171. The state has added 33,935 cases in the past 10 days.

Karnataka, the second-most-affected state, has reported 815 cases to take its tally to 923353.

Andhra Pradesh, the third-most-affected state by total cases, added 377 cases to take its tally to 883587.

Tamil Nadu has seen its tally going up by 820 to 822370.

Kerala has added 5615 cases to take its tally to 784488.

Delhi has added 442 cases to take its tally to 627698.

Uttar Pradesh has added 729 cases to take its tally to 589611.